Our history

Janton : a story dating back to 1945


Janton is the historical branch of G2M Group, it was founded in Lyon by Mr Balthazar Janton in 1945.

It already made prosthetic components.


Mr Italo Novelli became a shareholder in Janton and moved the business to Richelieu in Indre et Loire.

This marked the beginning of a collaboration and an exchange of know-how between the industrialist and the ortho-prosthetist. In order to facilitate implementation in the orthopaedics workshops Janton evolved, moving towards new technical solutions.

The merger

Merger with Ets Guérin, a manufacturer of orthotic components.

One year later, Hervé Novelli appointed Michel Guérin to head up Janton.

New premises

Janton left the historical centre of Richelieu and moved to new premises in the industrial park, which allowed it to integrate a new organisation.

Janton then developped new products and strengthened its distribution range.


Janton modernised its production tool, structured its design office, set up a semi-automatic epoxy powder paint line.

The G2M group

Creation of the G2M Group, bringing together the activities of Janton and CPL (composites workshop) and making it possible to optimise its equipment manufacturing processes.

Janton distribution

Creation of Janton Distribution to meet a constant desire to develop and improve its services.


The historical consolidation of all the G2M Group’s activities: transfer of Janton from Richelieu to Saumur to move into a cutting-edge building complex.

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